Why I Will Never Watch Wheel of Fortune Again

Vanna White: Wheel of Fortune's charity case


At the beginning of the lockdown, I started watching Wheel of Fortune. After a few months, I stopped, and I'm not going to watch it again. Here's why. The show's always on TV. Turn on the TV to watch for an hour. Then, poof! There go 3 hours because I lost track of time and watched 7 episodes. They show the puzzle for 1 minute. I need more time to solve it. Then, the contestants looking at the puzzle for 5. The switch happens right as I am 5 seconds away from solving it. The change throws me off before I can solve it. Why do they think I want to see the contestants? I can't remember their name mid-episode. I don't care to see them. For a few puzzles, they show the contestant and puzzle at the same time. Why not stick with that view? Vanna White serves no purpose on the show anymore. Before the show used TV screens to show the letters, she would turn them. Now, Vanna doesn't touch the screens. She touches between them. Her purpose? Something nice to look at during the show. They're keeping her around as a favor. She has no skills. What other job can she get with "I turned letters for 20 years" on her resume? Their Use of Adjectives Pisses Me Off They will have a puzzle with the answer of "Majestic Waterfall." The puzzle has a clue of "Thing." The contestant will solve the "Waterfall" portion. But not the adjective because it is random. Of course, the contestant loses because they can't use "Wonderful?" Everyone wants to see them lose, right? That's why they make the puzzle super difficult. Nobody likes a winner? Maybe, I'll start watching SVU. Every episode has the same ending, but they don't cheat people on the show. Or show me the reactions to characters seeing the crime, instead of showing the actual crime.