White Women Do Not Count As Diverse

We need to stop including white women in diversity conversations


I don't understand why people think women count as diversity, who's always standing next to a white man. That's right, it's a white woman, white women are right after white men, as the people who are, you know, well off and they have everything they want. There's really only one difference between a white man, and a white woman. It's a penis. Um, if a woman were to get a sex change, then she would be a white man, and have all the white man privileges. No one else can do that. Any Hispanic person. Any Hispanic woman that gets a sex change, still has their dark skin, and is not a white men. How can white women be diverse, when they're 98% the same as a white man. When the census, comes around and white women have to fill out their form. They check the same boxes as a white man. If anything, white women are part of the problem, because they're taken away from people who are actually diverse, they're taken away. You know, they're their spotlight. So, because instead of talking about people who are actually diverse. You have to talk about white women. So, instead of being like, you know, there's African American, there's Hispanic, there's Asian, you have to go, oh there's white women. There's Asians, there's, African American, you know, they, they have their spot. They have someone else's spot. But what can we do about white women. I think what we should do is we should ship them all to somewhere where they would actually be a minority, and count as diverse, that it's a win win because they get the experience of being a minority. And here we can focus on real minorities, and helping them out. everybody wins.