Conspiracy Theories in YouTube Comments

Venture into YouTube comments to find conspiracy theories about the Chinese government.


The YouTube comment section is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get some videos might have comments that are funnier than the actual video or you might find people arguing about conspiracy theories. Either way, they're not good for your health. Right. The types of comments, mostly depend on the types of videos that you watch a video about pizza. You'll find funny comments, or video about finance, you'll get some conspiracy theories. Um, you have to choose wisely. How, How do I deal with YouTube comments. The boring way, is I have an extension that will block the comments from even showing up. Right. But I have one funny way to deal with the comments. I create my own conspiracy theories to add to the comments and get people to react. And I think, in many cases, their reactions are funny. Right. But these are, these conspiracy theories are not generic ones like bush did 911, or Epstein didn't kill himself. See that's too simple. If you have a simple one, then you don't get reactions or you don't get funny reactions you get the basic stuff, right. So, I have one conspiracy theory that I add to the comments. Stuff like Hillary let Trump win the election so he would let her continue to launder her money, right, um, that, that one is, um, that'll get some reactions. Or, I have another one that is the Chinese government chooses the US president. Right. And then I watched the weird comments rolling on there's basic stuff like. That's right. Lock her up, which is boring, or she lost because she ran a bad campaign. But there's some weird ones right like a foreign government can't decide now. God damn it, foreign government can't decide on. She ran a bad campaign. But there's some weird ones right like a foreign government can't decide now. Comments rolling. There's basic stuff like the comments rolling. I watched the weird comments rolling. People will be like, people will be like, oh yeah they're friends. That's why he wants to let her launder money because he launders, or she laundered his money to write or the Chinese government wants to collapse the US economy. And that's why they choose the president, right, then you get the generic stuff like. That's right. Lock her up, or she lost because the media or. Yeah, and for the Chinese one they're like, foreign government can't decide US election that's not right. And, yeah, so I don't respond to these comments, but they're there, and I get to read them, and that's pretty funny to me right instead of just like reading them and then spending my time reading them, I just add to the fire a little bit. And I think that's pretty funny. All right.