YouTube Rabbit Holes

Watching alot of YouTube videos at once.

episode transcript


have you guys heard about these youtube rabbit holes well what it is is that people they watch videos on youtube and then they completely change their mind about some topic or whatever so uh i've heard of some people watching going down a youtube rabbit hole about flat earth and then they believe fl the earth is flat if you were around if you brought your phone 500 years ago in the past they would have burned you alive for having that technology and you have the same beliefs as them i have a couple questions for these people that change their mind about something watching youtube videos first of all how long are you going down these rabbit holes for because i watched the office for an hour and i still don't think it's funny so how easy is it for you to have your mind changed by a stranger probably if you're you're able to have your mind changed in less than an hour instead of watching youtube you should read a book instead alright these are some things to think about