YouTube Rabbit Holes

What we should do with the people that go down YouTube rabbit holes


Have you ever heard of a YouTube rabbit hole. Well, if you haven't, it's one people watch so many YouTube videos that they change their mind about something. For example, some people will watch a bunch of videos on flat earth, and then they have a belief that the earth is flat. Right. Well, the people who believe that the Earth was, was flat, where people from 500, years ago. If you brought your phone on to those people and they saw your phone. They'd burn you because they think you're a witch. So, why would you have the same beliefs as them. Right. And then I have, I have some questions about these YouTube rabbit holes and the people who change their beliefs after watching them on one question I have is how long are these rabbit holes. Right. Because I washed the office for an hour, and I still don't think it's funny. So, is it for more than an hour, about an hour. I need to know this. And then this is a problem that needs to be fixed, right, to be clear, that problem is stupidity. We need to get the stupidity out of these people who are getting their minds changed after watching YouTube videos. So I have a couple ideas about this. The first thing is, we need to take away their phones. And that way, they can't watch videos and have stupid opinions after that. Right. Next, we need to give them encyclopedias from A to Z. Right. And then this is their entertainment From now on, they can't watch TV, they can't watch videos they can't go on social media, right, that would be one step. Right, but they have the ability to get their phones back, and how they would do that is, they'd read every one of those encyclopedias, right. And this is a test for them. They don't have to do it. But they can, and they'll learn more, so maybe when we give them back their phones. They will be smarter and they won't be convinced by only a couple of videos, right. And then we give them a test. So that way we can test if they actually know the things in those encyclopedias right, creating smart smarter citizens for the world. Right. I also have one ideas. One idea, we can find the people who make these videos. And then once we find them. We beat the shit out of them. Right. Until they delete their videos. And then if they want to make another video like that we find them again. And then we beat the shit out of them. So that way, They don't make any more videos and we cut the problem out right at the source.